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Friday, August 26, 2011

Palm of Paradise

I took a quilt class - Piano Key's by Rangoli Designs, see why .... 
isn't that pattern stunning! 

Well it proved a little harder than I thought.  I had to wait until class to start cutting.  It wasn't easy, but the instructor (Sujata) was awesome!  Very patient (especially since I freakout when I'm flustered).  She showed me how to cut properly (thank you, that was almost worth the price of admission).  I was just not getting the 22" (when I kept seeing 20 or 21") side of things.  I was so far behind I only got some of my top done, but that's ok since I was going to make a queen size.  Now, I think it was 80 rectangles we cut for the 60x60, and 192 for the twin/full size, and with me (all gung ho) doing the queen its going to be over 380 ... so yes, I'm rethinking the size now.

After I cut out my rectangles (only taking 10 fat quarters to class with me), I finally got to put it on my batting and look what I came up with

not bad huh ... Sujata said it reminded her of Hawaii, hence my name - Palm of Paradise. 

Now I'm ready for Hurricane Irene.  I plan on quilting all weekend.  I may end up with the full and make it lay as a diamond on the bed or keep going and do the queen.  Either way this is going to take me a good - I teased the instructor in class and said 10 years ;o)  Well, I can always finishing sewing the top, frame it, and hang it on the wall ;o) 

Either way, where I'm standing now I may be a one quilt wonderer ;o)

Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ceme Frenchie!

Wow, I fell hard and fast, really fast for this material.  I found the Fat Quarter in the bin at Spool.  Instantly knew - a zippered pouch (done).  Then I had an epiphany, what about an skirt and bag ... Amy Butler's Frenchie Bag to be specific and maybe a tulip skirt ... why not ...

Frenchie Bag and zippered pouch

Signature A-lined Skirt

all the compliments and the fuss - made me blush!  Thank you all.

Happy sewing!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Circle Skirt and clutch ...

My, my ... I do declare!  And lined ...

Being that I'm a full-figured gal (REPRESENT!) I have to make pattern adjustments before cutting/sewing, so I took the Circle Skirt class at Spool first because I didn't want to waste my moolah on this beautiful fabric by messing it up.  I'm quite pleased with the results ... Ceme's First Circle Skirt, and wait there's more ...

matching clutch!  That's right!  Its too big to be called a zippered pouch.  This bag is big, padded, lined, and has a pocket.  The lining matches the lining in the skirt (I used the extra).  The clutch shows the true color of the skirt.  The lightening is so different in my apartment, livingroom is apparently lighter than the bedroom - maybe because I have dark curtains in the bedroom ... em.

I am quite pleased with myself I must say.  I've never used lining fabric before so my lining needs to be perfected.  I've perfected muslim as my lining, but lining fabric is more slippery.  So far, this summer alone (what that's not even an entire month yet so I'm going to say since the Spring) I've made 13 skirts, 17 zippered pouches, 3 bags, and two stoles.  I'm on a role!  And because of my trusty Kindle I've read Laura Lael Miller entire Montana Creed series (those Creed brothes/cousins are hotter than July.  I don't know who I like more Logan or Tyler both of them were smoking hot)!  Next up, I'lll have to start LML's McKettrick series - that's like 28 or so books, but if their anywhere as hot as Logan and Tyler I'm in. 

Well, back to work. 

Happy Crafting!


Monday, May 16, 2011

More is definitely a good thing ...

and I'm truly addicted.  Look at my newest collection of zippered pouches. 

I now have a whooping 10 zippered pouches - all for meeeeeeeeee.  So far I've made 16, sold 6.  I will say, I don't know which is my favorite of this collection, the orange is so beautiful ...

and this teal ...
what about this teal multi ...

and of course I can't not give the brown love (the outside of the bag is pictured above

My co-worker says I'm on a roll.  Wait 'til she see's my newest bag - Cosmo Bag by Amy Butler (its the bag on the cover of the book).  I'm going to start cutting out the pattern pieces tomorrow ...

Back to work!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birdie Sling

I ventured into Spool after leaving my second job (teaching at my favorite knit shop Loop) and fell madly in love with this fabric (and an added plus it was on sale):
and I just had to find a lining fabric:

to make my new bag, Amy Butler's Birdie Sling.

And of course, I had to make my coordinating zippered pouch
with lining and pockets
to keep everything nicely organized ...

Next up - I think I'm going to do the Amy Butler's Reversible Sunday Sling or maybe I'll make something from Amy Butler's Style Stitch.

Who knows, but I'm having a blast sewing up my very own handbags.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Opal

My colleague wanted blue opal with silver, so I gave it to her.  Isn't she adorable ...

I swear I have got to get her to model my designs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sewing at Spool

Since Spool opened I've been signing up for classes.  I started with Beginner's (where I made the best bag, even added pockets), then purchased my own Singer Confidence and ventured into the A-Line Skirt.  I've made dozens of this skirt since.  Loved the pattern so much, and it was so easy once I modified it for me.  For the last two weeks, I've been working on a Quillow and last night I finished.  Viola

Adorable!  My instructor was Michele and I made pals in Johanna and Jennifer (we're even plotting on taking a bunch of classes together). 

And there's more ... look what I did last Saturday before teaching my knitting class.  YUP, the Zippered Pouch.  Viola

My pouch is so cute.  The material is from Jay McCarroll's Habitat collection, which I am positively obsessed with, and when I saw that it comes in greens (too much yellow was in it for me), and purple (I'm definitely loving that one) I just have to get.  My obsession doesn't stop there though, I'm nuts about Queen Latifah's perfume Queen (I've sprayed it all over the place). 

Johanna was in the class with me too, and she went on to make a second pouch out of the laminated material, it was so cute.  I have to get her to send me a picture.

Back to my real job - uuuurrrrrrgggggggg

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goldstone bracelet with 14k

I ordered these large chips from Esty.  The day they arrived in the mail my (favorite) co-worker was at my desk.  I was opening the package and she claimed these badboys faster than I could say, look what I got ...

She asked that I add 14k to bring out the gold.  And of course I had to get her to strike a pose ...

She adorable!  She loves her bracelet and shows it off well (which makes me very happy).  I've got to find a way to adopt her.

What's up next - black onyx or multi-colored/strand pearls ... stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Honey Maple Revisited

My BFF - MB, asked me to create a set (necklace/earrings) for a co-worker who was retiring. 

Ms. Loretta's a regal woman, gracious, tall, full and elegant.  I was told Ms. Loretta wanted something in the Honey Maple that was Afrocentric ... I think I filled that order.  I mixed Honey Maple (she saw my other set and fell in love) with Bali silver (quick lesson, if you don't already know, Bali silver is stunning, heavy and can be very bold), and 8 and 6 mm sterling silver beads.  I had a blast making this set.  The Bali silver makes the necklace heavy, so I used a heavy wire and a sterling silver toggle.  The picture came out a lil fuzzy, but I asked MB to get a pic of Ms. Loretta in her set, but of course MB's techno sluggish - lol!

Easter's almost here ...

A co-worker asked me to create a set (bracelet, earrings, and necklace) for her daughter (who I thought to be about 12).  All I was given was that her favorite color is pink ... I selection Rose Quartz with pale pink crystals.  How'd I do ...

It was a hit!  I was asked to produce another in green ... I selected Jade with pale green crystals. 

Next up purple ... and of course I found Purple Jade.  Stay tuned ...