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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ceme Frenchie!

Wow, I fell hard and fast, really fast for this material.  I found the Fat Quarter in the bin at Spool.  Instantly knew - a zippered pouch (done).  Then I had an epiphany, what about an skirt and bag ... Amy Butler's Frenchie Bag to be specific and maybe a tulip skirt ... why not ...

Frenchie Bag and zippered pouch

Signature A-lined Skirt

all the compliments and the fuss - made me blush!  Thank you all.

Happy sewing!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Circle Skirt and clutch ...

My, my ... I do declare!  And lined ...

Being that I'm a full-figured gal (REPRESENT!) I have to make pattern adjustments before cutting/sewing, so I took the Circle Skirt class at Spool first because I didn't want to waste my moolah on this beautiful fabric by messing it up.  I'm quite pleased with the results ... Ceme's First Circle Skirt, and wait there's more ...

matching clutch!  That's right!  Its too big to be called a zippered pouch.  This bag is big, padded, lined, and has a pocket.  The lining matches the lining in the skirt (I used the extra).  The clutch shows the true color of the skirt.  The lightening is so different in my apartment, livingroom is apparently lighter than the bedroom - maybe because I have dark curtains in the bedroom ... em.

I am quite pleased with myself I must say.  I've never used lining fabric before so my lining needs to be perfected.  I've perfected muslim as my lining, but lining fabric is more slippery.  So far, this summer alone (what that's not even an entire month yet so I'm going to say since the Spring) I've made 13 skirts, 17 zippered pouches, 3 bags, and two stoles.  I'm on a role!  And because of my trusty Kindle I've read Laura Lael Miller entire Montana Creed series (those Creed brothes/cousins are hotter than July.  I don't know who I like more Logan or Tyler both of them were smoking hot)!  Next up, I'lll have to start LML's McKettrick series - that's like 28 or so books, but if their anywhere as hot as Logan and Tyler I'm in. 

Well, back to work. 

Happy Crafting!