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Friday, August 26, 2011

Palm of Paradise

I took a quilt class - Piano Key's by Rangoli Designs, see why .... 
isn't that pattern stunning! 

Well it proved a little harder than I thought.  I had to wait until class to start cutting.  It wasn't easy, but the instructor (Sujata) was awesome!  Very patient (especially since I freakout when I'm flustered).  She showed me how to cut properly (thank you, that was almost worth the price of admission).  I was just not getting the 22" (when I kept seeing 20 or 21") side of things.  I was so far behind I only got some of my top done, but that's ok since I was going to make a queen size.  Now, I think it was 80 rectangles we cut for the 60x60, and 192 for the twin/full size, and with me (all gung ho) doing the queen its going to be over 380 ... so yes, I'm rethinking the size now.

After I cut out my rectangles (only taking 10 fat quarters to class with me), I finally got to put it on my batting and look what I came up with

not bad huh ... Sujata said it reminded her of Hawaii, hence my name - Palm of Paradise. 

Now I'm ready for Hurricane Irene.  I plan on quilting all weekend.  I may end up with the full and make it lay as a diamond on the bed or keep going and do the queen.  Either way this is going to take me a good - I teased the instructor in class and said 10 years ;o)  Well, I can always finishing sewing the top, frame it, and hang it on the wall ;o) 

Either way, where I'm standing now I may be a one quilt wonderer ;o)

Happy Sewing!