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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sewing at Spool

Since Spool opened I've been signing up for classes.  I started with Beginner's (where I made the best bag, even added pockets), then purchased my own Singer Confidence and ventured into the A-Line Skirt.  I've made dozens of this skirt since.  Loved the pattern so much, and it was so easy once I modified it for me.  For the last two weeks, I've been working on a Quillow and last night I finished.  Viola

Adorable!  My instructor was Michele and I made pals in Johanna and Jennifer (we're even plotting on taking a bunch of classes together). 

And there's more ... look what I did last Saturday before teaching my knitting class.  YUP, the Zippered Pouch.  Viola

My pouch is so cute.  The material is from Jay McCarroll's Habitat collection, which I am positively obsessed with, and when I saw that it comes in greens (too much yellow was in it for me), and purple (I'm definitely loving that one) I just have to get.  My obsession doesn't stop there though, I'm nuts about Queen Latifah's perfume Queen (I've sprayed it all over the place). 

Johanna was in the class with me too, and she went on to make a second pouch out of the laminated material, it was so cute.  I have to get her to send me a picture.

Back to my real job - uuuurrrrrrgggggggg

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