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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Honey Maple Revisited

My BFF - MB, asked me to create a set (necklace/earrings) for a co-worker who was retiring. 

Ms. Loretta's a regal woman, gracious, tall, full and elegant.  I was told Ms. Loretta wanted something in the Honey Maple that was Afrocentric ... I think I filled that order.  I mixed Honey Maple (she saw my other set and fell in love) with Bali silver (quick lesson, if you don't already know, Bali silver is stunning, heavy and can be very bold), and 8 and 6 mm sterling silver beads.  I had a blast making this set.  The Bali silver makes the necklace heavy, so I used a heavy wire and a sterling silver toggle.  The picture came out a lil fuzzy, but I asked MB to get a pic of Ms. Loretta in her set, but of course MB's techno sluggish - lol!

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