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Monday, October 4, 2010


Let me introduce you to my Jasper. 

Who wouldn't fall hard and fast for these multi-colored jasper stones.  In all honesty, the greens won me over in a heartbeat, and the rich creamy tans.  These are heavy lil nuggets. 

Multi-colored Jasper with sterling silver and green leather, 3 strand necklace
 And when I saw the lovely deep green/black multi-sized Kambaba Jasper beads, I knew they found a home. 

Kambaba Jasper rectangle, ovals and puffed square beads, with brass Grecian columns finishing
And lastly, these red marbled stones with the various shades of gray and cream ...

Red marbled square, oval and rectangle jasper beads with antique brass finishing
What's not to love.

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